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Every brand identity needs a colour palette. With so many colour combinations to choose from it can feel an overwhelming choice. Here’s 3 simple steps to get the colour choice process going… The bedrock of messaging with visual communications is colour. On sight every colour hue or shade elicits a response and immediate association. It’s […]

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Sheelah Moloney

Rainbow Connections

Why you should use images in your online marketing The exponential rise in popularity of communicating online over the past year has afforded businesses a rare opportunity. No, it’s not the ability to make sales in your pjs, though that’s pretty great! It’s the ability to be in constant contact with existing and potential customers. […]

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Sheelah Moloney

Mind Games

We live in a visual rich society and we have homed the ability to read an image without even realising.

brand design, digital marketing, small business

Sheelah Moloney

In Focus