You shouldn’t have to choose between doing what you love and making money.

It shouldn’t be profit over passion. What if I told you, you can be a profitable Artist if you’re equipped with the right tools?

Are you an Artist who doesn’t know where to start in turning their passion into a business?
Are you finding it challenging to make connections within the industry?
Do you struggle to bridge the gap between what you love doing and making money?
Are you a passionate Artist with ZERO sales experience but ready to start selling?

The Selling Art in Ireland Mini-course is designed to provide Artists new to the world of selling their Art some foundational support to sell their beautiful pieces in galleries across Ireland.

Diving into the world of entrepreneurship can be daunting. I will guide you through every aspect of how to get your art on exhibition and ultimately SOLD.

What’s included?

+ 3x in-depth sessions and follow-up support

+ Preparing your work and yourself

+ Applying to a gallery

+ How to get the most of the gallery/artist partnership


Are you ready to:

- Gain essential tools in how to sell Art in Ireland?
- Turn your hobby into a profitable business?
- Feel confident in your sales strategy with selling Art?
- Be equipped with the tools and know-how to get your Art into galleries across Ireland?
- Have someone in your corner who is supporting you every step of the way?
- If you answer YES, then this course is for you.

What do I need from you?
All we need to get started is your eagerness and motivation to turn your passion project into a living.
A computer, Zoom, and materials to take notes!

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Book a free discovery call


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Jason O'Gorman - Creative  Business Advice Intensive

"Sheelah provided me with some extremely insightful and valuable direction during our brief one to one meeting. Speaking to Sheelah I found she is very attentive and exceptionally knowledgeable about the art industry - be it fine art or digital art, Sheelah has a remarkably solid understanding of the business of art. I would recommend anyone looking to pursue an art career, or looking for a nudge in the right direction, to have a chat with Sheelah. Her advice is invaluable"

Audrey Cantillon - Mentoring

"Working with Sheelah has given me a real confidence boost. In a gentle way, she showed me where I had made mistakes with my strategy and followed that up with very constructive advice. She helped me better understand strategies for selling art and has given me amazing advise on how to prepare for an exhibition, how to write an artist statement, and how to structure my time / calendar / planning / commissions."

LB - Selling Art In Ireland Course

"I would highly recommend this course to any artist who wants some practical down to earth advice and guidance on how to sell and promote their work. Sheelah has many years experience in the art world provides a wonderful resource in supporting artists, whether they are just out of college or, like myself, want to reboot their focus and energy for the road ahead. The knowledge and insight I have gained in doing this course has given me a fresh perspective and some valuable tools on how to target the correct audience for my work"

Anne Marie Savage - Website Audit Check

"Life as an artist can be quite a solitary one and with that comes a very singular and one sided opinion of their works and their career. Sometimes you feel quite blinkered, as I did with my website and working with Sheelah was a breath of fresh air as she was able to look at my website with a professional, experienced and constructive view. What I really wanted was for my website was to have an accessible customer 'feel' but still retain an artistic aesthetic and that is what Sheelah was able to provide that I definitely could not!"


2020 Creative Careers coaching sessions are best suited to artists in the visual arts sectors including painters, sculptors and ceramic artists. The content included is not as relevant to those in the craft sector but please make CONTACT if you would like to see if the sessions would be helpful to you. 

As every artists needs are different the sessions are tailored to cover the topics most relevant to the individual but the general subjects covered include; gallery applications, pricing, writing about your art and an overview of how to make the business of art work for you! 

Via Zoom call or in person at 2020 Curates HQ, Griffith House, North Mall, Cork, T23XE0P

who are the sessions not suitable for?

Where do the sessions take place?

No. While there are great advantages to having formal training under your belt 2020 Creative Careers is open to all individuals producing visual art

do i need to be a qualified artist to benefit from these sessions? 

2020 Creative Careers session are for any artist who wants to exhibit their artwork for sale and wants help to understand the art sales world and the correct way to apply to work with galleries and exhibition spaces 

Who are the sessions for?

Bank Transfer or Credit Card 

What payment methods are avaiable?

What topics are covered in the one to one sessions?

Choose a service from the list above and press the take the next step button to book your initial consultation. This consult is free of charge and no obligation. Alternatively CLICK HERE . For Workshops CLICK HERE

How do i book?

Yes. Art Business Advice Intensive – €110 Selling Art in Ireland Course –From €290. Art Business Mentoring From €695– Website Checkup - €55 Workshops -See individual listings