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Your branding is what tells the story of your business across all your communications. From emails to social media to advertising. Matching your brand to your ethos is essential. I can create a brand identity unique to you and your business

Every big company is instantly recognisable by its brand. The green Starbucks mermaid and the gold Guinness harp set an expectation at first sight of the brand values, message & product.

The branding for your small business plays the exact same role and the right design can make just as powerful an impact on your customers.

Whether you are a startup or an established small business that wants a new look, I can create a unique and affordable brand for your empire. A logo and colour palette and brand strategy that aligns with your mission and the experience you provide your clients.

Brand development and design that surpasses a logo.

Get ready to:

+ Feel PROUD of your brand identity
+ Finally feel that branding matches the messaging and ethos of your business
+ Connect with your ideal customers
+ Sell with confidence KNOWING your branding represents you in a way that feels right

What would it look like to work together?...

I’ll implement the approved design. It may take us a few revisions to get to this stage, but it will be well worth it when you see your vision come to life!


This is the fun part! I’ll start designing your brand with your help. Think of this as a collaboration. After all, no one knows your business better than you. Your input is essential throughout the process.


We’ll create a plan of action for you and your business. At this essential stage will discuss what your intent is for your business, who you want to attract and what our mission is for the project.


We’ll hop on a call to understand exactly where you are now and where you want to be. I’ll provide a quote after we chat


What Would It Look Like to Work Together

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Mike McGrath -

"Sheelah was fantastic to deal with in the creation of the brand. We came with a blank canvas with no brand name, concepts nor designs and a couple of weeks later after some provocative workshops, we left with a brand name, brand pack and designs for our new startup. We've received many compliments since on our brand and we owe all that to Sheelah"

Maeve Lankford - Maeve Lankford Coaching & Facilitation

"I've been working with Sheelah on art design and email automation for my coaching and facilitation business. I've been delighted with the art work, which Sheelah was very instinctive around in terms of finding a style that suited me and my work. She helped with the design of emails, landing page and Powerpoint templates. Clients have noticed the changes and commented positively! Sheelah also supported me in developing an automated campaign using Mailchimp. On just one campaign I went from a ZERO response via social media to 200+ response as a result of the campaign I designed with Sheelah - total win!" 

Catriona - Elev8 Nutrition

"Firstly, thanks a million for your professional service and the slides looked amazing. I've had some wonderful feedback - inspirational, motivating, professional and informative were words used and I think the upbeat feel, images and overall design all added to vibrancy of the event. I hadn't realized how impactful having images and a great design makes, especially on a zoom webinar. Whats lacking in the personal presence certainly was made up with how professional the presenation looked. So thank you!"


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