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November 29, 2021

Top 3 Reasons to use email as a marketing tool

When GDPR rules came in a number of year ago, email got a bit of a bad rap. Many users opted or were forcibly unsubscribed from mailing lists en masse and a short lived slump occurred. It’s safe to say that in the last couple of years, circumstances in the real and digital worlds have seen email as a marketing tool rise to the top of the pile once more with subscribers becoming more discerning and thereby really engaging with the content they are subscribed to.

This trend continues into 2022 which is great news for business owners. Creating a solid email list gives you a superb launching pad for new products and services and it’s a really simple way to keep in touch with your client base on a regular basis so that you stay top of mind with them in you field of expertise.

If you still need convincing to start or build on your existing list in 2022. Here are three major reasons to do so that are impossible to argue with 😉

group of diverse people

It’s Demographic-less

The vast majority of people across the globe have active email accounts so, no matter who or where your target market is, they will be engaged with email on a regular basis – There are 4 billion email users around the world in 2021 (source: Statista)

control of email list as a marketing tool

You have full control and ownership of your email list.

Provided you have complied with GDPR regulations, your list of contacts collected for marketing purposes is yours to mange how you like. It is immune to the kinds of audience demolition seen on social media platforms through hacking or outages.

engaged people

Subscribers are already engaged

Those who sign up to your mailing list are already at the stage where they are interested in your product or service to the point that they have expressly ‘told’ you that they want to hear more about your offering. So, that first step of selling/convincing is already taken care of. Email has, on average, a 22.86% open rate and a 3.71% click through rate while social media has an average engagement rate of just 0.58% across the big 3 source: Optin Monster

There are two steps to building a strong mailing list, capturing new subscribers using a lead magnet and nurturing the relationship with those who sign up with a regular newsletter. Sign up to get my free guide on how to compile a highly effective newsletter here or lets have a chat now about creating an irresistible lead magnet together, get in touch here

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