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Email marketing is an important aspect of any business. It allows us to build a community, entice new leads and nurture existing or prospective customers.

Each and every email landing in customers inboxes should showcase your business ethos through brand consistency and your expertise.

Professional email design could play a role in whether a prospective client deems your business the right fit for the job!

The easiest place to start, great email newsletter design.

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Email is a great way to connect with your valued customers. In the current climate, we all have more opportunities to read the emails in our inbox and we want to support local, small businesses as well as spend with businesses we trust.

Do you need to:

+ Add branding to your emails?
+ Send a regular newsletter?
+ Automate emails for online course content?
+ Create a landing page to collect contact details for new customers?

2020 Curates can help you deliver impactful and targeted emails straight to the inbox of possible potential clients and customers.

what my clients are saying

Maeve Lankford - Maeve Lankford Coaching & Facilitation

"I've been working with Sheelah on art design and email automation for my coaching and facilitation business. I've been delighted with the art work, which Sheelah was very instinctive around in terms of finding a style that suited me and my work. She helped with the design of emails, landing page and Powerpoint templates. Clients have noticed the changes and commented positively! Sheelah also supported me in developing an automated campaign using Mailchimp. On just one campaign I went from a ZERO response via social media to 200+ response as a result of the campaign I designed with Sheelah - total win!" 


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