How to talk to your social media audience

April 20, 2022

Beating the cringe factor of social media content when you talk on social media.

How many times have you heard, the key to social media is to show your face and talk to the camera? And how many times has the idea of that made you want to run screaming from the idea? Every time? Me too!! As much as we might find the prospect abhorrent, it is proven to work and if you are serious about making your art business work you’re missing a great opportunity to make sales by avoiding showing up in this way for your audience.

Trust is the most important thing you can build with your audience. It’s this trust that will help them to understand your artwork properly, engage with your practice and ultimately chose your work to purchase over someone else’s.

But how do I get beyond the cringe factor of nattering to my phone? I hear you ask. It takes some practice but it is possible. Here are three steps towards getting the hang of it.

Be Authentic

Most importantly, deliver content that reflects who you are and is relevant to your practice. Talk about or share your work or elements of your process or something you love/struggle with about being an artist in your own style. Don’t try to copy or follow a formula you see someone else do that doesn’t speak to you

Do it like everyone’s watching

A great way to feel less awkward about the delivery is to imagine you are talking to someone or, better still, a group of people rather than just talking to your phone. That will help you speak more naturally. This makes the content easier to watch and you’ll find it easier to create it

Test, test, test

Don’t be afraid to try different kinds of content or different modes of delivery. See what your audience responds best to and do more of that.

As an artist, you have an advantage in social media content in that the work itself says so much without words but keep in mind that that’s not enough to stand out from all the other art content in people’s feeds. Even the biggest companies don’t just rely on directly sharing the product when it comes to social media content. Check out this post from Coca Cola’s EU account from their #realmagic campaign. Using yourself as a catalyst for sharing your work is worth investing some time into to boost your sales.

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