Mentoring can be instrumental in turning your practice into a sustainable and successful business.

You won’t just get a mentor. I’ll be your confidant and motivator to help you reach your unique goals. You’ll walk away feeling encouraged, informed and inspired, ready to launch and maintain your business.

Make the right connections
Land more customers
Feel more confident in yourself and your business.

Creative Business Mentoring

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I am a strong believer in doing what you love. No one should have to choose between their passion in life and a sustainable income.

You can have both…

How? With the right tools and advice, you can start living your dream.

Are you an Artist who doesn’t know where to start in turning their passion into a business?

Let’s bridge the gap between what you love and making money!
You’ll learn some foundational skills to sell your art in galleries across Ireland.

Selling art in ireland course

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Hello, I’m Sheelah. I’m the feet of the swan that is 2020 Curates in Cork, Ireland. I love all things visual and my passion for art led me to open 2020 Art Gallery in 2009. In 2019, in response to the market and demand, I developed the business into an a creative consultancy, 2020 Curates. I’m am an Art Historian (BAhons) and a snap happy photographer. I get almost as much of a thrill from a perfectly captured moment in time in a photo as I do from falling in love with an artwork. I have fallen, hard, many a time and I never tire of it.

I have strong passion and belief in the importance of art and visual communications for the betterment and development of communities. This is the foundation of everything I do here at 2020 Curates.

I have 15+ years experience in the world of art sales as an art gallery owner and exhibition curator. I have curated almost 50 exhibitions and worked with many, many artists. I created 2020 Curates Creative Careers to provide a resource for artists to get the advice, mentorship and guidance they need to navigate the complex world of art sales.



Audrey Cantillon

"Working with Sheelah has given me a real confidence boost. In a gentle way, she showed me where I had made mistakes with my strategy and followed that up with very constructive advice. She helped me better understand strategies for selling art and has given me amazing advise on how to prepare for an exhibition, how to write an artist statement, and how to structure my time / calendar / planning / commissions."

LB - Artist - Selling Art In Ireland Course

"I would highly recommend this course to any artist who wants some practical down to earth advice and guidance on how to sell and promote their work. Sheelah has many years experience in the art world provides a wonderful resource in supporting artists, whether they are just out of college or, like myself, want to reboot their focus and energy for the road ahead. The knowledge and insight I have gained in doing this course has given me a fresh perspective and some valuable tools on how to target the correct audience for my work"

Maeve Lankford - Maeve Lankford Coaching & Facilitation - Marketing For Small Business 

"I've been working with Sheelah on art design and email automation for my coaching and facilitation business. I've been delighted with the art work, which Sheelah was very instinctive around in terms of finding a style that suited me and my work. She helped with the design of emails, landing page and Powerpoint templates. Clients have noticed the changes and commented positively! Sheelah also supported me in developing an automated campaign using Mailchimp. On just one campaign I went from a ZERO response via social media to 200+ response as a result of the campaign I designed with Sheelah - total win!"


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