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While it might seem impossible, given the strong focus put on social media in the current marketing and communications climate, you can sell art without social media. In fact, you should actively engage in the practice. Building a proactive strategy for marketing your art outside of the realms of social media is not just smart, […]

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Sheelah Moloney

How to Sell Art Without Social Media

Beating the cringe factor of social media content when you talk on social media. How many times have you heard, the key to social media is to show your face and talk to the camera? And how many times has the idea of that made you want to run screaming from the idea? Every time? […]

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Sheelah Moloney

How to talk to your social media audience

Your brand colours are a very important part of your business’ visual identity. Selecting them is a pivotal decision but using them correctly is just as crucial. Here’s how to make sure you are making the most of your brand palette. Let’s play a game, look at the list of colour pairings below and think […]

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Sheelah Moloney

Colour Correction

The best foundation for building a business are good habits. Having these in place make the day to day running of the business easy and trouble free. Your art business is no exception and there are three very important habits to start as soon as possible. Here are the three best habits for selling art… […]

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Sheelah Moloney

3 Best Habits For Selling Art

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Top 3 Reasons to use email as a marketing tool When GDPR rules came in a number of year ago, email got a bit of a bad rap. Many users opted or were forcibly unsubscribed from mailing lists en masse and a short lived slump occurred. It’s safe to say that in the last couple […]

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Sheelah Moloney

All Hail Email

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If I was to tell you there was one thing you can do for your business that will convey its integrity, create connection with your ideal client and establish trust all in one, how quickly would you want to implement it?? ‘As fast as possible’, I hear you say 🙂 Your brand identity is the […]

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Sheelah Moloney

My So-Called Visual Identity

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How to know when it’s time to redesign your branding I recently presented at a marketing bootcamp in association with Network Ireland Cork branch. The topic of the session was brand design and development of branding. During the session one of the participants raised and interesting question: ‘ I feel my business has developed since […]

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Sheelah Moloney

Brand Redesign?

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