Colour Correction

December 17, 2021

Your brand colours are a very important part of your business’ visual identity. Selecting them is a pivotal decision but using them correctly is just as crucial. Here’s how to make sure you are making the most of your brand palette.

Let’s play a game, look at the list of colour pairings below and think of a brand you associate with them:

Yellow & Red

Red & White

Blue & White

There are a few answers here. Big brands like McDonalds, DHL, Coca Cola, Ford and HP all use one of these combinations. There is a whole psychology of colours behind these choices but that’s a story for another day . What’s important to note here is that you could automatically recall a brand using one or all of these pairings without too much thought. This is because people recall colours much faster than word. So, your brand colours play a huge part in brand recognition.

When you’re creating or commissioning branding material you must always include your brand’s colour palette. Here are three everyday places to ensure you’re colours appear

brand colour palette on website

Your Website

Clean and simple design is the number one rule of website design but that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply your brand colours throughout. Use them on headers, buttons, menus, sections, text.

Social Media Content

Feature your brand colour palette on all posts. You don’t have to use every colour in every post but be sure to choose at least two. For video content like reels create a cover for the video in your brand colours and if you or your staff are included consider wearing clothing in your colours too.

Online presentations

From Zoom calls to Powerpoints. Every time your business is presented to an audience, live or recorded, your brand palette should be front and centre on slides and backdrops.

When making purchasing decisions, 90% of customers focus on brand colors. So there are big dividends for being consistent in your use of your brand colours across all your communications with customers existing and potential.

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