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August 20, 2020

Why the right imagery is good for business

A picture paints a thousand words seems like an old cliché but it proves itself to stand the test of time, time after time. (Who else is singing Cindy Lauper now??) While you are singing, let me tell you how this applies to your online marketing

Mona Lisa’s Smile…

There’s a reason that the Mona Lisa’s smile attracts crowds on a daily basis. Though it’s a small painting in reality, its presence is big. We are endlessly fascinated by that hint of expression on her face. Many a debate rages as to what it’s all about.

Less divisive but equally affecting are family photos or the snaps of the sunset that we all have on our phones. They capture a moment in time and spark emotion and reminiscence on sight.

I’ve always been fascinated by the ability for a picture to create a reaction in people. From adverts to fine art, the effect is the same.

Images are all around us…

We live in a visual rich society and we have homed the ability to read an image without even realising. Flicking through a magazine or scrolling social media, our brain is making connections and responding to images at a rate of knots. Choosing which are relevant to us and which are not. Those that strike a cord we will give our time to. Be it a glossy photo of a covetable pair of shoes in Vogue or a photo of a delicious looking meal on Instagram, we’ll be drawn to discover more.

So, how can you, as a business owner, capitalise on this innate, response to engage your customers with your online marketing?

By using imagery that speaks to three essential aspects of your enterprise:


1. Consider your target demographic and choose imagery they can relate to

follow your passion

2. Remember to always use imagery that speaks to the core values of your business

3. Aim to always include an element of your brand colour palette

By applying these principles to your marketing material and using strong and relevant images, you not only draw your customers attention by speaking their visual language, you reinforce the experience you offer your customers that is unique to your company. This creates a lasting and valuable impression that will encourage your existing and new customers to avail of your service or buy your products.

I can help!

It’s not always easy to identify which visuals to use for your business or a particular offering. It can be confusing and time consuming. If you would like some help to create just the right marketing materials for your products or services I’m here to help!. I hold almost 15 years experience in understanding how people respond to pictures and colours and I apply this in my digital communications design. I work specifically with small businesses to save them time and take care of their small projects. You can find out more and read client testimonials HERE

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