Hello, I’m Sheelah. I’m the feet of the swan that is 2020 Curates in Cork, Ireland. I love all things visual and my passion for art led me to open 2020 Art Gallery in 2009. In 2019, in response to the market and demand, I developed the business into an a creative consultancy, 2020 Curates. I’m am an Art Historian (BAhons) and a snap happy photographer. I get almost as much of a thrill from a perfectly captured moment in time in a photo as I do from falling in love with an artwork. I have fallen, hard, many a time and I never tire of it.

I have strong passion and belief in the importance of art and visual communications for the betterment and development of communities. This is the foundation of everything I do here at 2020 Curates

I have 15+ years experience in the world of art sales as an art gallery owner and exhibition curator. I have curated almost 50 exhibitions and worked with many, many artists. I created 2020 Curates Creative Careers to provide a resource for artists to get the advice, mentorship and guidance they need to navigate the complex world of art sales


About Sheelah

A resource for visual artists seeking guidance and assistance in learning the ins and outs of art sales. 
Selling Art in Ireland Course
Creative Business Advice Intensive
Website Checkup

Creative Careers

Especially for small business owners looking to advance their digital communications to stay connected with existing clients and entice new customers
Brand Design
Slide Deck Design
Document Design
Newsletter Design 
& more..

Digital Visual communications

Selling Art in Ireland course runs all year round plus a schedule of workshops takes place every season 

 courses & Workshops

What I Can Do For You

2020 Curates Creative Marketing Consultancy offers support, professional practice & digital tools to help artists and other business owners to grow and expand their enterprise. 

From a background in art exhibition comes a unique perspective on visual communication and marketing that is translated across all the services offered. This generates positive results for all of my clients and aids in their achievement of their goals. 

2020 Curates was established in 2009 as a small art gallery in Ballydehob, West Cork. In a short 12 months it expanded to a larger premises in Cork City and soon became one of the city's most popular spots for art enthusiasts and collectors to visit.

A decade later, in response to a changing art market and a demand for assistance for artists to grow their art businesses in a new selling environment the first major development of 2020 Curates occurred with the introduction of 2020 Creative Careers. This is a resource for artists to get mentorship, education and support about the world of art sales. Both one to one and group sessions are available to any artist looking to advance their careers. 

2020 saw another shift for the business. With lockdown in full swing, I turned my skills to the general small business sector that was beginning to grow its online presence. I noticed many business owners in my network seeking assistance to create a cohesive presentation of their online content from slide decks for Zoom calls, to branding and websites. Using my wealth of knowledge on how people respond to visual messaging that I learnt as a gallery owner I created an offering to provide digital visual communications packages to businesses of all kinds, from life coaches to interior designers to new online startups. 

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