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July 30, 2021

Every brand identity needs a colour palette. With so many colour combinations to choose from it can feel an overwhelming choice. Here’s 3 simple steps to get the colour choice process going…

The bedrock of messaging with visual communications is colour. On sight every colour hue or shade elicits a response and immediate association. It’s no coincidence that our Summer wardrobes, for example, are often filled with bright colours to reflect the bright days and freedoms of the season. Likewise, Hygge, images are always in cosy greys, pinks, greens, blues and reds. All tones that we associate with being tucked up, relaxed and warm.

When it comes to the colour palette for your brand identity you can apply the same principles to communicate just what you and your business is all about. Here are 3 steps to identifying your brand colour palette:

Be You.

Consider who you are and what the ethos of your business is. As a small business owner the face of the business is you and your personality. You should feature in your brand palette for just that reason. So, a great place to start is to look at what your favourite colours are and choose one to feature in your palette.

Attract Your Tribe.

Next think about your customers. Ask yourself what are you bringing to them with your product or service? For example, if your are an accountant you will be bringing a trusty, reliable service to your customers so look at colours that represent this, like a dark blue shade. Whereas if you are providing children’s clothing you’ll want a more vibrant and fun colour like bright green or pink.

Add Some Accent

Make sure your palette includes a base colour, which will do the bulk of the work in the design, a neutral and complimentary colour that will play opposite that base colour and a accent colour that can contrast the other two to use as a highlighter.

Your colours will help reinforce the individuality and the impact of engaging with your business on your customers.

If you’d like help to develop your brand identity get in touch! Check out my portfolio of brand identity and logo designs here

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