3 Best Habits For Selling Art

December 6, 2021

The best foundation for building a business are good habits. Having these in place make the day to day running of the business easy and trouble free. Your art business is no exception and there are three very important habits to start as soon as possible. Here are the three best habits for selling art…

art business habit stock keeping

Stock Keeping

A simple but tremendously effective routine to get into. Knowing what pieces are available and whether you have them or what exhibition space they’re in is invaluable. Use this record to answer buyer queries and choose what you need add to create a collection for exhibition. Add a sales record to show you what pieces and price points are most popular.

1st Step to getting started: Gather all the pieces currently in your studio. Make note of their titles, sizes and prices.

art business habit planning


Another simple but incredibly powerful tool. Look at the weeks and months ahead. Decide what sales channels you want to pursue: galleries, open calls, online shop. Write a timeline of when you need to have the work (not just creating the work but the admin too) done to get your work where you want it.

1st step to getting started: Choose your most preferred sales channel and, depending on what it is, add the submission date to your diary or add a timeslot in your schedule to contact the outlet.

art business habit email


The most powerful marketing tool for making connections with engaged art buyers is a mailing list. Building and nurturing a strong mailing list is guaranteed to bring sales over time. Email allows you to speak directly to someone who you know loves your work and has expressed an interest in buying it by signing up to your mailing list. I wrote more in depth about this here

1st step to getting started: Choose a mail handling platform, like Mailchimp, to create a GDPR friendly way to collect email addresses from customers, social media followers and website visitors.

Do you feel like you need help to instill these habits to your art business? Let’s chat!

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