There’s no better time to begin or improve the way you sell your work online. Here’s where to start …

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Art Market

3 tips for keeping simple and effective records for creatives plus a free monthly review template download

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Get The Record Straight

Photography is often viewed as ‘real art’s’ little sister. Spectacular enough to be considered beautiful, unique enough to be admired and precious enough to be cared for but rarely revered like a true art form outside of a small art world circle. Perhaps it is because it comes from a variety of sources and plays […]

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Say Cheese

Why a visit to an art gallery makes the perfect date! My job gives me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people on a daily basis. Watching people interact with art and talking to them about it is fascinating and I never have the same conversation twice. I’m always particularly excited when I work […]

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Sheelah Moloney

The Art Of The Gaze

Art has long played a part in love stories and sagas. It’s role in the declaration of feelings has been poignant through centuries of romances. Luckily for us the pieces created as a result of these sometimes epic and sometimes illicit relationships leaves us with tales to get lost in.

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Sheelah Moloney

Sweet Nothings

3 ways to use art for self care. As the new year has begun and life is back to hectic normality, for many of us taking, even just a little, time for ourselves to rest our minds will be high on the resolution agenda. Of all the promises to make to yourself this is one of the easiest to keep, especially if you use art to help you.

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Goal setting tips for creatives Artists are some of the most amazing people. I am ever in awe of how someone can take an idea from their mind and translate it into an artwork. Creative endeavours demand such a lot of the individual and often that means that there is little space to explore how […]

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Going For Goals

The biggest year yet for 2020 is upon us. This is a look at the road we’ve traveled to get here and the path we’ll take in 2020

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A Tale Of Two 2020s

Red and green are synonymous with Christmas and the reasons why stretch way back in time. Read on to discover how they became the colours of Christmas

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The Colours of Christmas

Why banana-gate has nothing to do with the real art world ….

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About Art Buying