3 ways to use art for self care. As the new year has begun and life is back to hectic normality, for many of us taking, even just a little, time for ourselves to rest our minds will be high on the resolution agenda. Of all the promises to make to yourself this is one of the easiest to keep, especially if you use art to help you.

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Sheelah Moloney


Fancy a chat…in pictures? Let’s get thinking about art and most importantly talking to each other about what art means to us over the next few weeks and see what exciting places it leads us

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Sheelah Moloney

Ways of Seeing

A break from tradition is allowing us the freedom to seek out the communities that are most relevant and beneficial to us. It’s time to get creative

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Sheelah Moloney


If you even have a passing interest in art I bet you have a favourite artwork. Perhaps it’s one that you own and enjoy every day, maybe it’s a classic from art history that you saw in a museum or maybe both! Here’s why your favourite artwork is so important…

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Sheelah Moloney

Love Story