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December 10, 2019

Why it’s not all bananas

The news last week that a banana gaffer taped to a wall and subsequently eaten after it sold for $120,000 is the kind of news that confounds the world about art, and rightly so. It’s absurd. There is an argument that as a piece of performance art it has merit and I don’t wholly disagree with that but it’s reminiscent of the Banksy stunt last year with ‘Self Destruct’. The sale leaves a nasty taste in people’s mouths about the scruples of the art dealers and artists.

This blog post isn’t a soap box about banana-gate but a look at the real art world and just how important you, as an art buyer, are. I’ve written before About Artists and the incredibly important role they play in our lives. Those who buy artworks have an equally important role.

buying art in the real art world

Artists create from a drive to express themselves, to share their ideas and interpretations with their audience. It’s often as much about eliciting a response as it is about sharing their own. This makes the viewer integral to the art itself. When a viewer becomes the new owner of the artwork though, that’s the beginning of a whole chain of important events in the real art world.

real art world

When you buy an artwork you:

  • Get to be a part of that artwork’s story and enjoy it for the rest of your life. It’s one of the least disposable items on the planet.
  • Share a bond with the artist that created it, even if you never meet.
  • Bolster the artist’s confidence and career by believing in and supporting them in this way. Artists are risk takers and when someone chooses to not just admire but purchase their work it has a tremendously significant impact on their practice
  • Ensure that the artist can continue to create work and give the opportunity for more people to enjoy it
  • Contribute to the cultural capital of your city, county and country. Without the circle of art making, sharing, engaging and purchasing a culture cannot thrive.

This is the real art world!

So, next time you are out art shopping remember, as an art buyer you are incredibly important. Whether you buy a ltd edition print, a ticket for an artist run class or workshop or buy an original painting you are making a truly valuable contribution to the real art world.

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  1. Great post…really gave me even more reasons to buy and enjoy art in all its forms!