3 tips for keeping simple and effective records for creatives plus a free monthly review template download

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Sheelah Moloney

Get The Record Straight

Red and green are synonymous with Christmas and the reasons why stretch way back in time. Read on to discover how they became the colours of Christmas

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Sheelah Moloney

The Colours of Christmas

Fancy a chat…in pictures? Let’s get thinking about art and most importantly talking to each other about what art means to us over the next few weeks and see what exciting places it leads us

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Sheelah Moloney

Ways of Seeing

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else” A back to school post this week inspired by this quote from educator and author Sydney Gurewitz Clemens. A look at how art can impact a child’s development and 3 fun, affordable ways to include art activities in the weeks between now and mid-term.

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Sheelah Moloney

art School