Art Market

April 6, 2020


With all the changes to our lives and world the physical outlets for exhibiting your work for sale are not available to your clients and collectors but they are still out there looking for work to buy. So, there’s no better time to begin or improve the way you sell your work online.

There are a few key things to consider and prepare for before you get started

selling art online

Best Foot Forward

Make sure that your website is up to date and that you have a clear idea of what work you have available for sale. If you need help getting a good record keeping practice in place check out the 2020 Curates guide HERE

Magic Numbers

Before you engage in making any sales make sure you have looked at the numbers. Decide your shipping rates and discount rates

online art shop

Stop before you ship

Be sure that any artwork that leaves your studio is signed, is in a package that contains your contact details and a receipt.

selling art online

After sales

Celebrate the sale! When you’re finished that be sure to add the client’s details to your database and update your stock records and website to reflect the sale

To help you prepare a good practice for selling your art online use the 2020 Creative Careers Trading Online Checklist by clicking the button below

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