October 18, 2019

Getting Creative

Community, or lack thereof, is a hot topic of conversation these days. The way we operate and communicate day to day has transformed almost completely in just a few short decades. Debate rages as to whether the losses suffered from the demise of the traditional community are irrevocable.

I was listening to a podcast recently and the point was raised that perhaps the change isn’t bad it’s just different. Not long after that I spoke to a group of artists, in my role as professional development consultant, about the importance of their communities, taking advantage of the opportunities and support that the right community can offer them.

All of this got me thinking that perhaps the break from tradition is allowing us the freedom to seek out the communities that are most relevant and beneficial to us rather than fitting in to the one that is most immediate.

The realm of art can seem like a daunting place. You might ask yourself, if you aren’t an artist or a big budget buyer is it relevant to you? The answer is YES! Much like the diversity of artwork that is created there is a pocket of pockets of the art world for everyone. In these creative and dynamic communities there is so much to gain from being involved

Pure Appreciation

museum visits

It’s proven that taking time to view art is beneficial for our minds and general well-being. The simple act of visiting a museum or gallery forces us to stray from our habitual thinking patterns. Whether we are perplexed about why a solitary coloured square on a canvas is art or we get lost in Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ the hub bub of our routines and to do lists is muted.  Making a gallery visit a regular part of your routine  is a great first step to exploring the art community and getting a feel for what you like

Learn The Secrets

creative community

If you want to take your appreciation even further why not take a course in or attend a seminar on art history!? As an art historian you can take my, impartial, word on how much fun it is to be a part of the community that knows the secret tales that lie behind the famous and art and artists that have created works in centuries past.

Build Your Artistic Muscles

creative classes

Fitness is the big, big craze at the moment but never underestimate the power of exploring the limits of and training your creativity.  Join a class of like minded people and spend some time creating and chatting about creative things. It doesn’t have to be a painting or drawing class. Why not try sewing, pottery, creative writing. Whatever floats your arty boat.

In Da Club

Are you more of a leader? Why not create your own art community? Get some friends together and start an art book club or exhibition trip gang. A great excuse to chat over wine or take a road trip.

creative community

The bottom line is, it’s all about finding an art community that speaks your language, that you can relate to, communicate your ideas to. Harness the power of like minds coming together and supporting each other.  

What’s your art community? Are you looking for new members? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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