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November 1, 2019

Let’s Talk – In Pictures

The cosiest month of the year has arrived! November always feels like the time for hibernation. The school routine is settled and the festive hubbub is a little bit away. It’s an evenings at home in front of the fire month. 

ways of seeing

The temptation to stick on Netflix or put your nose in a book will be ever present but I think these days we’re all looking for something to engage our brains in a different way in our down time. I’ve written before about the benefits art can have on our minds and well-being just through the simple act of looking and about how being involved in a community that speaks to us can be so rewarding. This month on Instagram I’ve decided to expand on and combine both these ideas as a way to get to now you all better and get the 2020 tribe chatting about what they love about art. So, I am inviting you all to join me in 20 Ways of Seeing.

Inspired by John Berger’s classic art text, Ways of Seeing, which explores taking the academics out of viewing art, I want to start a conversation about art through images we will share with each other using the #20DAYSOFSEEING.

Let’s Talk

Throughout November using the #20DAYSOFSEEING I’m going to share images on of my interpretation of 20 themes (see above) based on art and creativity and I’d love for you to follow along and share yours too! Let’s get thinking about art and most importantly talking to each other about what art means to us over the next few weeks and see what exciting places it leads us

Art is so subjective and what one person sees another might not but it’s always so interesting to share perspectives. So, choose one theme or all 20 or just one or two, whichever works for you. I can’t wait to see your photos.

The Rules

There are no rules just a few helpful guidelines

  • You can choose to share images on as many themes on the list as you like. As with art, in general, some will appeal to you and others won’t
  • You can share images on any of the themes in whatever order you like. Just like with any creative endeavour there isn’t a strict formula to follow for success. It’s about going with your gut.
  • There are no wrong answers. Your choices when it comes to art are unique to you, that’s what makes it so special. So, please share with abandon your most apt image for the theme.
  • The images you share don’t have to be of artworks they can be anything you like relates to creativity and the theme you choose. For example, under the theme colour share a photo of a scarf you own in that colour
  • Keep an eye on 2020’s Instagram stories & highlights for more details on each theme.
  • Most of all enjoy!! … and don’t forget to follow @2020curates and use the #20DAYSOFSEEING

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