Why banana-gate has nothing to do with the real art world ….

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Sheelah Moloney

About Art Buying

A break from tradition is allowing us the freedom to seek out the communities that are most relevant and beneficial to us. It’s time to get creative

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Sheelah Moloney


Artists, the most talented, intriguing and complicated humans on the planet. Throughout the ages an artist’s ability to create has fascinated us mere mortals. So, I thought I would share some insight into just what makes artists so interesting and important to our world.

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Sheelah Moloney

About Artists

A little note on how not to confuse curation with personalisation…. and a bit of a trumpet blow for all of us curators too

art world demystified

Sheelah Moloney


A look at how art actually speaks for itself without the help of complicated art speak from the perspective of an art historian and curator

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Sheelah Moloney