Photography is often viewed as ‘real art’s’ little sister. Spectacular enough to be considered beautiful, unique enough to be admired and precious enough to be cared for but rarely revered like a true art form outside of a small art world circle. Perhaps it is because it comes from a variety of sources and plays […]

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Sheelah Moloney

Say Cheese

Art has long played a part in love stories and sagas. It’s role in the declaration of feelings has been poignant through centuries of romances. Luckily for us the pieces created as a result of these sometimes epic and sometimes illicit relationships leaves us with tales to get lost in.

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Sheelah Moloney

Sweet Nothings

Red and green are synonymous with Christmas and the reasons why stretch way back in time. Read on to discover how they became the colours of Christmas

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Sheelah Moloney

The Colours of Christmas

A break from tradition is allowing us the freedom to seek out the communities that are most relevant and beneficial to us. It’s time to get creative

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Sheelah Moloney


If you even have a passing interest in art I bet you have a favourite artwork. Perhaps it’s one that you own and enjoy every day, maybe it’s a classic from art history that you saw in a museum or maybe both! Here’s why your favourite artwork is so important…

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Sheelah Moloney

Love Story