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September 14, 2021

How to know when it’s time to redesign your branding

I recently presented at a marketing bootcamp in association with Network Ireland Cork branch. The topic of the session was brand design and development of branding. During the session one of the participants raised and interesting question:

‘ I feel my business has developed since I had my branding designed but how do I know if I need an entire overhaul or just a tweak of my existing design

First of all, well done to this lady for noticing that there was a possible disconnect between her brand design and her business identity. This is something that often occurs. Whether you were in the startup stages of your business when you had the logo and palette designed or you’ve been operating for decades, your business will grow and change over time and your branding may need to evolve also.

Before you engage a designer for a complete rebrand here’s three questions to answer. These will help determine just how much change is required and what stage your brand development is at.

brand development

Has my main message changed?

Think about what you need your ideal customer to know about what you can do for them. If this core principle remains the same, this is a big part of how your brand is conveyed via design so a major change may not be necessary

Has my customer profile changed?

Over time the services or product you offer can change. Your audience may become more niche, for example. If this is the case then your existing design may not appeal to that sector or demographic. Then a redesign is preferable.

Have I outgrown the current design?

Your brand identity should reflect you, especially if you are the face of the business and running it solo. Just as the business evolves, so do you. Therefore, you may feel your existing design no longer reflects you. Depending on how strong an answer you give this question will determine if a small change, perhaps to your colour palette will suffice or you need more of a makeover than that.

While the above won’t yield a definitive answer in isolation, together the answers should arm you with useful information that you can use when you consult with a designer about your needs.

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