Why Your Art Isn’t Selling

May 1, 2022

Art sales are hard. If sales aren’t rolling in and you’re doing all you can to generate them, don’t be too hard on yourself. There are a lot of factors involved in closing an art sale. It’s possible that you could make some changes to your approach though. Here are three things that may be having an impact on your sales numbers;


Your pricing might be off. You could be either overvaluing or undervaluing your work. Work on finding the sweet spot between the two.

Best Foot Forward

The display of your artwork might not be doing it justice. This is especially important online. Make sure you have good quality photos that reflect your work as accurately as possible

Purchasing Complications

If your process for taking payments or receiving enquiries involves too many steps/clicks this will prevent buyers from taking those crucial steps. Take the time to streamline this process.

All of these will have an effect on a buyers decision to purchase. One or all of them might be reason why you’re art isn’t selling. The great news is, they’re all easily remedied. If you recognise any or all of these in your art business and you’d like help to resolve them, check out my creative business advice services here and tune into my Instagram account for regular hints and tips for selling your art.

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