Buying Art, the rules

October 11, 2019

Art shopping is one of the most exciting and truly personal shopping experiences of all. What you choose when buying art resonates with you in a way that is unique to you. Few other objects can do the same. There are just a few golden rules to follow

Money,Money, Money

buying art budget

Quoting an Abba song is always a great idea 🙂 … Anyway, affordable is a relative term. What is a reasonable price tag to one may not be to another. It’s important to set a budget and stick to it. It is also important to know that regardless of budget there is an artwork out there that is just right for you. The price tag doesn’t dictate it’s value.

He Said, She Said

buying art

Following on from the money talk, don’t pay too much heed to other people’s opinions about what constitutes art for you. A reproduction print of a painting you love. An abstract screen print by a new and up and coming artist that perhaps nobody has heard of yet. An oil painting by a renowned and experienced artist. These are all great choices. No matter what kind of art you choose don’t buy what you think you should buy or what you think will get the seal of approval of others always buy what you want to buy

A Picture Paints…

When you are out art shopping look for an artwork that resonates with you. Something that gives you a good feeling, reminds you of a wonderful memory or evokes some sense of who you are. These artworks will stand the test of time, that you will hang on your walls for years to come. The Choose series of blog posts I posted in the Summer are a good starting point for inspiration, if you need it

Of course, there are practicalities when buying art. Pit falls to avoid and joys not to be missed. Things like knowing what you should expect to pay, where to buy from and pros and cons those options.  I have great news !! The 2020 Curates Art Buying Guide is now available. In handy E-Book format this short guide takes you through all the essentials to help you approach art shopping with the practical knowledge you need. CLICK HERE to purchase.

For less than the price of a sandwich the information found in this guide will allow you to focus on the best part of art shopping, falling in love with the artwork that’s just right for you.

art buying guide

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