Design Dreams

October 4, 2019

They can come true!

Have you ever fallen down a Pinterest interior design rabbit hole? It’s a wonderful, exciting adventure especially when you are embarking on renovations or moving into a new home. Every beautiful photo of light filled rooms, divine furniture with not a thing out of place is inspiring.

Beware the Rabbit Hole

Underfloor wine cellar of dreams!

It’s easy to forget that these are usually just a corner of a room or not an actual room at all but a staged photo setup in a studio. When we look at our own space we can become frustrated that we cannot recreate the Pinterest dream (with the exception of friend of instagrammer @stealmystyle40 who actually has THAT wine cellar with the spiral stairs under their new kitchen!!!!!)  and subsequently loose heart in the project.

I have great news, though! It is possible to create your dream designed interior. One that is as unique and enviable as any you will find on Pinterest. What better way to do this than with art!!

Space Invaders

It’s not always as simple as chucking a painting on the wall so, first let’s look at the possible scenarios you may be facing when it comes to creating your dream interior with art

Every space is different. New builds often have lots of natural light sources leaving little wall space for artwork. While old houses can have awkward wall shapes to fill. New extentions, meanwhile, create a whole new space and a new way of using the house.

So, what does this mean for your art collection, existing or new?

Interior Art Design

First of all, the selection of artwork should reflect the family living in the space its hanging and the way they use it. For example;  choose artwork that reinforces your family ethos. Perhaps that’s togetherness or being active. Display that artwork somewhere in the room that you will be able to appreciate it every day, like opposite your favourite armchair.

Regardless of the shape of the space there is room for artwork. This is where the element of design comes in. Including a well designed art display is as valuable to achieving your dream room as the architectural and interior design. It personalises the the space and makes it uniquely yours. The right art display design will compliment and enhance your space in an unparalleled way.

A home is made a home by the people who live in it and how they live in it. Including art in your space is one of the greatest ways to compliment what makes your home yours. By implementing a great design of that display ensures the space works for you instead of the other way around.

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