School’s Out

July 5, 2019

3 Summer Art Activities for Children

It’s finally holiday time. The school routine is parked, no uniforms to wash, no homework to be done. Blessed freedom! …. But now, what to do to keep your little tikes entertained for all those weeks??

Why not harness their creativity and the opportunity to get messy outside with these three arty activities!

Water Gun Fun!

Water Pistol Painting

All you need are some sheets of heavy paper, paint (make sure it’s water based so clean up is problem free!!) and water guns. There is a great step by step guide over on

Suds & Bubbles

Soap Foam Printing

Just a few ingredients needed for this one too! Watercolour paper and paints, some washing up liquid, straws and a bowl. You’ll find full instructions over at

Playing in the Rain

Is it even an Irish Summer if it doesn’t rain? … Here’s a rainy day option, just in case 😉

Rain Art

Simply create a drawing using watercolur pencils or paint on heavy paper, pop it outside in the rain and watch your modern masterpiece appear! Check out to see how it works

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up

Pablo Picasso

You’ll find all supplies for all these Summer art activities for children in your local art shop or there are always great selections in Dealz or Mr Price also.

When your budding Picassos have created their masterpieces and you’d like help finding creative ways to display them to free up the fridge door, get in touch. I can help!

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