The power of you

July 12, 2019


First off, I want to say, WOW! You are amazing!!.. No, I’m not plámásing you. Being an artist is an incredible thing. I’ve met so many artists over the 15 years I’ve been working in the art world (as an Art Historian, Curator and Consultant) and no two are the same but all possess a unique drive and ability to translate their thoughts into a physical artwork. That is amazing!! You are amazing!!

So, with that in mind, here are three tips for applying your strongest artist super power to navigating the commercial art world …

Be Inspired Not Influenced

st finbarr's cathedral , Cork, Ireland Gothic reveival

In all of the arts new work carries a flavour of what’s gone before. Neo Classicism and Neo Gothic styles are prime examples. Even Cubism, which broke all the established rules, was still a response to others. As an artist, always remember your style is uniquely yours. Develop that style in your way. Don’t aim to emulate others in order to mirror their success. Use those artists or works you admire to spark YOUR brand of creativity.

Pictured left: One of Ireland’s finest examples of Gothic Revival artchitecture, St Fin Barre’s Cathedral ,Cork. Photo by: Sheelah Moloney

Which brings me to…

Comparison Really Is The Thief Of Joy

It’s natural to look at what others are doing and feel that if we do the same our results will be the same. In certain scenarios this is true, we all watched the science teacher at school prove that to us, but if Breaking Bad taught us anything it’s that creating things your own way leads to far more fruitful results 🙂 So, resist the temptation to get caught up in the process, work rate, sales rate, etc of your peers/predecessors. Focus on how you can develop and market your unique work. If you are unsure about how to do this seek advice from an industry professional …. I happen to know a great one!! Click Here

And finally….

Art Speak, YOU Speak

how to be an artist

When it comes to describing your work on your website, artist’s statement or in general conversation, always use your own voice. Avoid over complicating things with long sentences and vocabulary you wouldn’t ordinarily use. Us mere mortals (non artists) are fascinated to know about you and your work, so be sure to tell us in your own words. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to writing or describing your work why not make a Mini Meeting appointment with me! I’ll get you on the right track. Full details HERE

Do you have a query about how to advance up the art ladder? Do you have a studio full of artwork you’d love to have exhibited but you don’t know how? I can help! 2020 Creative Careers offers one to one meetings for artists, tailored to your individual requirements. All the details are HERE

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