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June 27, 2019

How to avoid holiday art shopping heartbreak

Summer time has officially arrived! School holidays have begun, weeks of long, bright evenings stretch out in front of us and the sun is doing its best to shine, most days. There’s always a lovely sense of freedom about Summer. Things seem more relaxed and if we’re lucky we’ll get a couple of weeks holidays thrown into the mix, a true Summer escape!

art shopping on holidays

Bringing an artwork home as a memento of your trip is a lovely keepsake. It’s something that is truly unique to the area you have visited and it is a daily reminder of the wonderful time you had.

So, if you’re traveling this Summer and you come across a beautiful artwork you can’t leave behind here are some top tips for getting the most out of your art shopping experience.

Before you swipe right …

art shopping on holidays

Know what you are buying

Be sure to know exactly what you are buying. Ask the artist or seller what the medium is. Is it an oil/acrylic painting or a print, for example.

If it is an original artwork be sure to get a cert of provenance. This cert should state the details of the artwork and its source

If the work is a ltd edition be sure it is numbered, eg. 2/10.

If the seller cannot provide this information be mindful of the price. Don’t pay over the odds for a piece where proof of the above is unavailable.

Casual sales at markets or on the street should have moderate price tags. Never hand over large amounts of cash for artwork at these venues.

Making forever plans…

shipping art tips

Getting it home

Ideally you’ll be able to fit your art love of choice in your suitcase. Be sure to put it in the middle of your suitcase to prevent damage when the case makes its bumpy journey home.

Unfortunately the days of tucking a large painting under your arm and onto the plane are over. I don’t advise trying it unless you fancy attempting to squeeze it into the overhead locker or using it as your tray table. Seriously though, don’t chance it and get stuck at the airport having to arrange shipping or worse still having to leave it behind.

If you are making a purchase from a local art gallery they will be able to provide reliable shipping for an extra fee. Be sure to ask before you make the purchase. If not, arrange the delivery with an international art courier like UPS

Any artwork making a journey should be packed securely & clearly marked fragile.

What to do when you get it home

Unpack it immediately. Inspect for any damage that may have occurred on the trip, especially if it was not packed by you and/or has been handled by a courier. If there is any damage put your claim for compensation in as soon as possible.

In the unlikely event that it is damaged and needs to be fixed contact a relevant professional such as a framer, art restorer or ART CONSULTANT. Most issues can be solved so try not to panic.

Finally, go and get your holiday memory artwork framed and on the wall as soon as you can so that you can bask in the warm reminiscing as soon as possible!

Did you bring a beautiful new art addition home from art shopping on holidays and you’re not sure what to do with it next? Get in touch. I can help!

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  1. Such a great post Sheelah, really useful information and great tips..all I have to do now is find a holiday buy!