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November 29, 2019

Master the art of giving art …

It’s gift giving season! It’s also tear your hair out looking for unique gifts season. It can be a real struggle to find just the right present for everyone on your list. Have you considered art? A piece of art is a wonderful gift for many reasons;

gift art

It’s Personal

The artwork you choose for someone says something special about your relationship with them. Perhaps it signifies a memory that you share or perhaps it reflects something about their personality that you see in them.

sustainable  Christmas gift ideas

It’s Sustainable

Particularly if you buy work by a local artist. It’s unlikely to get thrown out like much of the fast fashion or faddy items available. Plus packaging is minimal and there’s no carbon footprint that comes with shipping art from overseas.

It’s Unique

All paintings, sculptures and other original artworks are one of a kind. No two are the same. There is little else that has the same level of rarity. Even prints, at least those that are numbered, are limited, making them just as unique.

Where to find art gifts this Christmas …

  • Markets :.  Many Christmas markets feature artwork by local artists and makers. This week in Cork sees a raft of fairs and events just like this. Check out Triskel Arts Centre and Nano Nagle Place‘s special market events.
  • Art Fairs : These fairs are dedicated to fine art and showcase many artists for you to choose to purchase from. Art Source Cork happens this weekend at City Hall.
  • Art Galleries & Artist’s Studios : Both art galleries and artists studios located all around the country have new collections on offer at this time of the year. Many have both lovely affordable options as well as extravagant splurge options

Before you head out art shopping download the 2020 Art Buying guide first! It’s packed with practical tips about how to art shop. An essential for this silly season. Click the button below for your copy…

art buying guide ebook

What if you want to gift the art lover in your life but you’re unsure exactly what they’d like? …

Why not give them a present of an art experience instead?

Let them create their own art with a package of art classes. You’ll find a great one HERE


Give them the gift of a helping hand with a voucher for art sourcing with 2020! It’s a bespoke, hassle free art shopping experience.  The recipient will receive a personalised art gallery of options straight to their inbox and will be guided through the selection and shopping process by me good self! This ensures that your special art lover gets just the right artwork for them.


Perhaps you have an art or photography aficionado on your list with lots of pieces ready to go on the walls of their home but they’re unsure where to hang everything. 2020 Vouchers can also be used for Interior Art Design. This service provides a display design and simple installation instructions to get their beloved pieces up on the wall for all to see.

To purchase 2020 Gift Vouchers click HERE to contact me

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