Who DO You Think You Are?

November 22, 2019

Find out which 20th Century artist are you? Take the quiz

With the exciting announcement this week that the National Gallery will be hosting the very first Mondrian exhibition in Ireland next year and with #20daysofseeing in full swing. this week’s post is a fun one. Have you ever wondered which great 20th century artist you were most like? Now’s your time to find out! Take our famous artist quiz

Take the short quiz below and share your results in the comments…

Question 1

Which of these is your favourite colour pairing?

  1. Yellow & Red
  2. Purple & Silver
  3. Blue & Pink

Question 2

Which of these places would you most like to hang out in?

  1. A De Stijl Style House
  2. A Celeb Laden Party
  3. A New York Loft

Question 3

Which of these best describes your personality

  1. I like order and symmetry and you have a mysterious side that intrigues people
  2. A great sense of humour with a love of being subversive
  3. I am fascinated with Pop Culture and you’re not afraid of making a statement

Question 4

What is your favourite Era?

  1. 1920s
  2. 1980s
  3. 1960s


Mondrian famous artist

Mostly 1s – Piet Mondrian

You take after the OG influencer, Piet Mondrian, a risk taker and a trend setter The founder of De Stijl, he is known for his unique, abstract work. .

Jeff Koons famous artist

Mostly 2s – Jeff Koons

You take after the master of making the ordinary extraordinary and the world’s wealthiest living artists, Jeff Koons!

Andy Warhol famous artist

Mostly 3s – Andy Warhol

You take after the pioneering Andy Warhol, synonymous with upending tradition and creating art from pop culture. A true and confident rebel.

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