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August 16, 2019

Ways of Art Shopping 3/3

Week three, the final installment of the Choose mini series , has arrived!! I hope you have been looking forward to the final installment. This week it’s all about using your family’s individuality to identify the right artwork for you. Let me explain…


Each and every home has its own unique atmosphere. This is built from the personalities that live there and the ethos of the family. It’s reflected in the welcome that you give visitors and the style of living you have created. This is a perfect basis for choosing the artwork for your home. Give some thought to the values of your family and keep these in mind when looking for new art for your space


When you are out art shopping think about the feeling that your home has, the things that are important and unique to your family, and look for artwork that reflects these ideas. By using the individualities of each member of your family and the values of the collective as the basis for your art choices makes for a fantastic mix of pieces.  


Using the atmosphere of your home and family as the basis for an art collection is the perfect way to curate a gallery wall. Use prints that you have purchased on family holidays, children’s artwork, family photos as well as fine art to create a visual representation of your family’s ideals and unique traits. For more art display info take a look at my ‘Home is where the ART is’ board on Pinterest

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