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August 9, 2019

Ways of Art Shopping 2/3

Welcome to the second installment of the CHOOSE series. A trio of art shopping tips that aim to help focus your mind when you are looking for just the right artwork for you! Last week we looked at choosing by colour. This week we’re delving into a more personal aspect, selecting a theme that resonates with you.


top art shopping tip - choose an artwork of your favourite place

Before you start your art search. Take some time, over a coffee or down time, to think about what makes you most happy. Is there a time or place that makes you feel especially good? Maybe it’s walking in the woods or maybe it’s the sound of your children laughing. Use this as inspiration for the theme of your artwork. Set this as your theme for your painting /print /sculpture. Look for one that reminds you of how these things make you feel


peaceful misty mountains

When you go out to art shop ask the gallerist to show you pieces that reflect this theme. For example, if you want your artwork to refelct sunny, summer days on the beach it’s a piece with a reference to this that you want to see. Alternatively, if there is a specific location that is the basis of your theme research what artists practice in that place and arrange to view their works specifically. Applying these art shopping tips will help to narrow the pool of options in a way that is truly personal to you.


When it comes to displaying an artwork with such a personal connection select a spot in to put it in where it will have the most impact on your day. For example, hang the joyful beach scene in your kitchen so the dark winter mornings will be brightened or display a peaceful scene where you have your evening cuppa.

Coming Next Week: Choose Atmosphere

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