5 things to know about the Agility Award (2024)

April 9, 2024

Last week I attended an online information session given by the Arts Council on this year’s Agility Award. Here are some of the important things I learned. The Arts Council’s Agility Award is currently open for submissions (deadline 25th April) and this year there have been a few important changes to note and some essentials that are good to know.

Here are my 5 takeaways from the session;

There are more info sessions scheduled

There are three more information sessions planned in the coming weeks. I highly recommend registering and attending the live session so you have the chance to ask questions and hear what others are asking. You can find the details and registration link HERE

Important Changes

There have been some important changes made this year. There is just one round of the Agility Award this year instead of two so this is the time to apply but you can apply for both the Agility and Artist’s Bursary in the same calendar year. This was not permitted in previous years when you had to choose one award to apply for.

Bonus Points

This is a very exciting addition. Every application is marked out of 18 points and there are a bonus 2 points allocated to anyone who applies this year who has not previously received funding from the Arts Council. So, if this is you, you have 2 points before even putting pen to paper/ fingers to the keayboard

Where to Focus

Demonstrating the development of your practice is crucial for a successful application. You must show how your planned activities will help to push your work and career forward. Be even more specific than you think you should be.

Supporting Materials

In previous years this was mandatory but this year the guidelines say it is optional to include letters of support from collaborators and mentors. Including these documents counts towards feasibility points though so it is better to include confirmation from mentors and collaborators that they have agreed to work with you

The Agility Award is specifically about developing your practice with an emphasis on professional development through skills workshops and mentoring. So it offers a great opportunity to set goals you can execute in the months to come. The temptation is to head straight to filling in the application form but taking time to do the three things listed above will make the process so much easier and will make your application so much stronger.

If you have applied unsuccessfully before or you have heard that it’s too hard to get selected remember this; just because past attempts by you or other people were unsuccessful doesn’t mean that this time will be the same. Each year offers a new chance to put your hat in the ring.

If you’d like some advice about how to include mentoring in your application, I’d be delighted to help! Click Here to book a free call and let’s chat.

I’m Sheelah, and I’m here to help visual artists like you achieve more sales, certainty, and recognition for your work. I share my decade and a half of experience in art sales, curation and art buying through my Artist’s Pathway mentoring program and workshops. If you’d like to chat about how to get the opportunities you want for your art business, get in touch!

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