How to get the opportunities you want for your art business (in 6 months)

July 12, 2023

At this mid point of the year it’s the perfect time to review what has happened so far, what you have achieved and what you want the result for the rest of the year to be. What opportunities you want for your art business. There can be a fear that sets in in June because it feels like half the year is over already and you only have half left. But guess what, you have half left! That’s 6 months, that’s 24 weeks of possibility.

So, the first step to getting what you want from 2023 is to decide what exactly you want;

  • More sales?
  • Industry recognition?
  • Exhibitions?
  • A stronger web presence?
  • Funding?
planning to secure opportunities for your art business

Maybe its several of the above, all of the above or something else. Whatever it is, name it and get as specific as you can

Is there a particular fund that you want to apply for or do you have a particular project that you want funded, for example. Is there a specific place that you want to exhibit or not? Whatever your goals, take some time to really consider them and the details that you have about them.

Making the decision about what you want or what your art business needs, can be one of the hardest. To narrow it down and choose what is best to pursue. If you’d like some help working that out, book a free art business navigation call with me HERE

Next look at what you have achieved so far this year and determine what can be applied to the goals for the rest of the year. Maybe you have new works to add to your portfolio or you’ve exhibited somewhere new that has levelled up your CV. Also, don’t forget that it’s not just wins that can be useful. Even if you applied for funding earlier in the year and didn’t get it, you can apply what you learned from the process to make a better run at it this time around.

Now that you have established what you want and what you already have acquired to get it, the next step is to devise a plan to achieve it.

Take note of key dates, identify an open call, choose a space or outlet to exhibit at, list what you’ll need to put together and what you’ll need to do to bring it to fruition.

Make a list of important people to get in contact with for references, collaborations or introductions and make a list of supplies you’ll need and relevant suppliers like framers, Photographers and art transportation etc.

Before taking any action, make sure you know your numbers. What are the estimated costs for this project. Don’t forget to include things like materials, time and travel/shipping costs.

Doing this calculation is the final crucial step in the planning process.

And just like that, you are ready to head into the final quarter of the year and get the opportunities you want from it!

I’m Sheelah, and I’m here to help visual artists like you achieve more sales, certainty, and recognition for your work. I share my decade and a half of experience in art sales, curation and art buying through my Artist’s Pathway mentoring program and workshops. If you’d like to chat about how to get the opportunities you want for your art business, get in touch!

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