Do I Need Gallery Representation?

March 13, 2023

As an artist you may be wondering, is art gallery representation worth it?

Worth it is a subjective term and the answer to the question is dependent on what you want to achieve with your art practice. If you are making work to share with an audience then utilising all the resources available, of which having gallery representation is one, to do that is worth it.

Nonetheless, the decision is one that should be carefully considered. When it comes to your art business, all investments should be weighed up and deciphering if art gallery representation is worth it is no different. Take time to look objectively at your practice and the goals you want to achieve to see where gallery representation can help

To give you some assistance in that, here are four ways to know when you need gallery representation;

gallery representation reaches people


There are parts of the market you just can’t reach alone. Certain demographics or groups that don’t engage with you directly.


The opportunities you want to pursue require a level of recognition that having gallery representation will give.

artist profile fame
jumping hurdle

Balance Hurdle

You can’t find a consistent and good balance between making, marketing and selling.

Creative Priorities

If you just want to spend the bulk of your time creating work and have a deadline structure created for you.

artist at work

Having gallery representation will assist you with one or all of these things, amongst others. So, if any of them resonate then it’s highly likely that gallery representation is worth it for you.

Now that you know that, you’re probably asking ‘how do I get gallery representation?’ I have the answer for that as well! Learn exactly how to get your work from studio to gallery at my Selling Art in Ireland workshop. This three session course covers everything you ever wanted to know about securing gallery representation and maximising the artist gallery relationship to get the full value of it. Selling Art in Ireland begins on the 23rd March 2023 with class every Thursday until the 6th of April 2023. Sign up HERE . I’d love to see you there!

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