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November 2, 2022

5 Ways to Manage Seasonal Stress in Your Creative Business

The festive season is fast approaching. Art fairs, Christmas markets and gift buying are all on the horizon. It can be a time full of seasonal buzz but also a period of high stress. Particularly when it comes to running an art business while simultaneously managing all that the Winter brings outside of that.

Here is what I learned in my years as a gallery owner about how best to maintain my momentum and keep stress to a minimum at the busiest time of the year

Don’t Wing It

Create a plan for the weeks ahead. Think about what you have to make, where you have to be, what you’ll need to execute the exhibition of your work. A great exercise is to picture yourself at a point where the work is completed and work backwards from that point making a list of tasks and materials that you will need for each stage. This will help to put perspective on the tasks at hand and clarify what you need to accomplish it

Get Ahead

Following on from your work backwards task, prepare anything that you can in advance. This will limit the instances where you will be caught off guard and help you feel more in control of the season. For example, if you know you’ll be attending a market in late December, prepare all your promotional social media posts and emails to your mailing list well in advance and schedule them to go out over time. This frees you up later when the event is closer or happening and your time and energy will need to be focused on the practical execution.

Reach Out

When you need assistance, ask for it. Outsource any task that you can, even if it’s a simple task like creating price tags. It’s easy but is time consuming and it’s something someone else can do; a friend, partner or even your children. This will make your to do list smaller and give you the chance to focus on something you have to do yourself.

manage seasonal stress

Don’t Panic

If things don’t go to plan, try not to panic. Return to the drawing board and devise a new plan. Download my guide to reassessing your sales strategy HERE

Pat Yourself on the Back

In the busy season, it’s easy to roll from one event to the next without acknowledging your successes. Make sure you acknowledge all the wins throughout the season. This will boost your motivation and energy

As is the spirit of the season, surprises will occur. Some great, some not so great but if you implement these strategies, you’ll be able to make the most of them or turn them around as needed. This is the home stretch for 2022. The finish line is in sight. You’ve got this!! …and if you don’t, I can help! Book a Creative Business Advice Intensive and we’ll get everything sorted together 🙂

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