September 13, 2019

Knowing when to part with an artwork

Are you experiencing the seven year itch?? Do you just not feel quite the same way about a painting in your collection the way you used to?

Before you make any rash decisions and start calling the auctioneers take some time to make sure you really want to part with it.

Here are a few scenarios that might fit your predicament and how to decide whether it’s time or not to go your separate ways

You’ve Stopped Seeing It

selling art collection

Your once favourite painting might be hanging in a place that you have become so used to that you simply have stopped seeing it. As a result it no longer appears to be bringing you much joy.

Solution: Try it out in different spots around the home. You don’t have to commit to hanging it up, instead prop it (safely) against a wall or on a surface in a completely different place than before. Live with it there for a few days and see how you feel

If after this you still have lost the love, it’s time to move on

You’ve Moved Or Renovated

Whether you’ve moved to a whole new home or you’ve renovated your existing space it may seem like your old painting doesn’t suit the new space or it simply doesn’t fit.

selling art collection after you move house or renovate

Solution: Live in the new space for a little while and get used to how you use it. Take note of things like the following;  where does the light come in across the day. What area do you spend most of your time. Where does the furniture have to go.

If you can’t find a place in the heart of your new space for your artwork, it’s probably time to part

Your Taste Has Changed

With time and experience our tastes can change. Much like our teenage crushes, which by adulthood we’re glad we dodged that bullet, the artwork you once connected with perhaps no longer does it for you. That said, there are the true loves that always hold a little piece of our hearts even when our strong feelings might have faded though.

Solution: Before you let go for good take a little time to admire the artwork again. Take it out one last time. For example, if you have a coffee over the papers sitting at the kitchen table on a Saturday morning bring the artwork into the kitchen one Saturday and peruse it while sipping your coffee.

If you’ve truly fallen out of love with it, set it free.

Once you have decided to find a new home for your artwork here are some important things to keep in mind when you are selling art

  • Be sure to choose a reputable re-seller. This will ensure you optimise your return, have a problem free sale and the artist can recoup their Droit de Suite entitlement, if applicable
  • Have your piece valued by an expert so that you know what it’s worth and likely to make at auction
  • Make sure you have your cert of provenance to pass on to the new owner. If you didn’t receive one upon purchase contact the gallery or artist.

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  1. Very useful..has given me food for thought and didnt know about Cert of Provenance!