June 7, 2019


I’m often asked about how to hang art and while there are a few rules almost all can be broken. When you choose art to add to your home it’s a very personal choice. You will relate to the artwork in your own way and the way you choose to display it is equally personal and unique to your space. Before I get onto display rebellion let’s talk about the basics.

Imagine yourself in a sitting room. With a window at one end, tv in a corner, fireplace on one wall, sofa against the opposite one. The perfect finisher for the decor of this room is a beautiful painting which you have just taken delivery of from your favourite, friendly, local gallery. Let’s assume, for the sake of this example, that you have chosen a piece that is an appropriate size for the chosen wall. This will be dictated by ceiling height, with of wall and furniture placement. Here are the unbreakable rules in this case …

How to hang art…

Higher or Lower

The rule of thumb is the centre of the painting should sit at average eye level.

Sofa So Good

If you are hanging a painting over a sofa or other furniture the eye level rule may be obsolete. The most important thing is that the painting is centred. Place it in the centre of the wall rather than the centre of the sofa.


Never hang an artwork in direct sunlight. Some natural light is fine but if the sunlight hits the wall for an hour or more the work will fade. To prevent damage, fit the artwork with non reflective glass, any framers will be able to do this for you. Ask the gallery before you take delivery and they can also organise it for you. Lower a blind or close the curtains for the period of sunshine.

All that said, rules are made to be broken and you can have great fun being creative with your art display by playing around with some of the more pliable rules….


Art doesn’t have the be hung up. It can be propped on a shelf, table, ledge or just lean against a wall.


Place the artwork off centre to create drama


Consider using several complimentary artworks hanging in a cluster instead of one larger work

The moral of the story is, have fun when it comes to displaying the art in your home and don’t be afraid to try something a bit different. With the advent of command strips and the like you don’t even have to commit to making a hole in the wall when it comes to hanging art up these days. So, go forth and get creative 🙂

If you are feeling unsure about how best to display your favourite paintings, prints or photos at home get in touch! I can design a display for you and help you get your walls adorned in no time! CLICK HERE to contact me.

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